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Make your Backbone applications dance!

Building Backbone applications quickly became a de-facto standard, though we can’t really define it as framework but rather just as foundation to create other frameworks. If you like Backbone, you’ll fall in love with Marionette, the best application library to create large scale Javascript applications. Nicholas will explain the framework, show examples and talk about […]

Monads, Promises, and Reactive Metaprogramming

Prerequisites: having followed Federico Galassi’s or Sergi Mansilla’s talk (either is fine), or just having an idea on what rx.js does. Javascript programmers are often struggling with asynchronous control flows. It does not matter if the sources of time warping are AJAX requests, the nodejs event loop, or a simple flow of events from the DOM: the result regularly […]

Ember.js at Scale

Zendesk was one of the first companies to use Ember in a large scale production application. With over 200,000,000 users making 70,000 requests per minute at daily peak times, we’re pushing the boundaries of single page application development performance. Once the API stabilized, we’ve embarked on the upgrade path to Ember 1.X and wanted to […]



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