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You have ruined JS

It’s time to have a conversation about JavaScript. You see, I think you’re ruining it. You with your frameworks and your layers of indirection and directives. You with your angulars and your embers and your backbones and your model view controllers. So we’re going to have this conversation and see if we can’t straighten a […]

AngularJs for Mobile

You should always think mobile first when you work on web stuff. Your ui should care about touch events, multi-touch and mouse as well. Mobile devices are not powerful as desktop one, you should take care of performance and download time. Maybe is better to have an optimized version for mobile users. How can you […]

Agile CSS development with Compass/SASS

CSS is not a complete language, it misses variables, functions, nesting, partials and math. SASS makes easy to create CSS for complex sites. Compass allows you to do easy spriting, easier debugging, and more. In this speech I’ll show you the main features of SASS, Compass, how to install it, and why you will never […]

Performance Testing Crash Course

The performance of your application affects your business more than you might think. Top engineering organizations think of performance not as a nice-to-have, but as a crucial feature of their product. Those organizations understand that performance has a direct impact on user experience and, ultimately, their bottom line. Unfortunately, most engineering teams do not regularly […]

Test like it’s 19.. 2014!

During my speech I’d like to present Appium – a mobile native/hybrid/webview testing tool built by my company Sauce Labs.

The strange world of Javascript and all its little asynchronous beasts

Javascript is a wonderland populated by all kinds of exotic beasts. Callbacks, events, promises, functional programming, reactive programming, streams, generators are all part of this incredible asynchronous bestiary. We’re talking of insidious or even ferocious things, a great danger to the unwary programmer. Let’s look at them, learn from them, tame them and finally put […]

The fourth dimension

In the spacetime model, the fourth dimension is time. In this talk I will show how to transform and manipulate events happening in different moments in time the same way that we transform Arrays or normal sequences, by using the power of Functional Reactive Programming. This will allow us to unite synchronous and asynchronous code […]

React.js – The smart, brute force DOM re-rendering revolution

When data changes, or users interact with our application, we have to update parts of our DOM. Set a class, remove a node, or update the text of an element. This is complicated and needs clever, error-prone code. With React.js the Facebook team introduces a revolutionary brute-force solution to this problem: Simply re-render all your page whenever anything changes. This […]

Further Adventures of Hyperaudio

When you transcribe media you open it up, when you give words timings something magical happens. Mark has been experimenting with Hyperaudio for years now, last year Hyperaudio received funding and the nonprofit Hyperaudio Inc was born! Mark will explain Hyperaudio, show examples and talk about his adventures with both clientside and serverside JavaScript in […]

Algorithms are bioluminescent creatures of the deep sea

Quicksort. Heapsort. Bubblesort. Sorting algorithms are computational processes used to organize elements of a sequence in a certain order. In the last few months I have tried to understand and transform the data left behind sorting algorithms into visual forms that could help highlight the unique characteristics of each algorithm and find hidden patterns. SORTING […]

AngularJS: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The popularity of AngularJS has exploded over the past 12 months with over 20.000 starts on their Github page. Its goal to make web application development easy appeals to many developers. Indeed, seeing the demos of two-way data binding are impressive. I have written my own MVC frameworks, worked on custom MVC frameworks and used […]

Out of the sandbox: developing native Desktop apps

We build web apps that runs on browser and server-side apps on Node.JS, but what’s about native Desktop applications? In this talk I will introduce node-webkit: an app runtime based on Chromium + Node.JS, you can use to build Desktop apps with JS and HTML, with no browser’s limitations like file-system calls or running native […]

Automated CSS-testing with JavaScript – Not just a myth

You’re a developer. To you, “automation” is the most erotic word in the world. Removing manual overhead is one of the reasons you go up in the morning. You’re also a web developer. You want to create HTML and CSS that looks stunning, is responsive and works on all kinds of devices. You already have […]


We’ve all been there, trying to “guess” what the user did on our web site, how he really used and experienced it, and faced with funnels,heat-maps and graphs. I’m going to explore a way to fully track a user interaction with a website, i’m not talking the heat-map, funnels type of tracking. but more of […]

The spirit of testing

Front-end Javascript testing is a thing since 3/4 years now, but it’s still a ghost in the dev community: someone believes in it while someone else is not convinced at all. This talk will tackle the misconceptions about testing, how and what to test, dependencies mocking and strategies to write tests in a profitable way […]

ES6: the future is here

This talk will go through the evolution of JavaScript as a language, from the current version to what is coming up next: EcmaScript 6. This session aims to explore the new constructs introduced in ES6 and how the same concepts are used in other programming languages. The presentation will be quite hands-on with numerous examples […]

A Little This, a Little _that: Understanding Scope in JavaScript

Scope is one of the most critical concepts in JavaScript, but even seasoned front-end developers have trouble with the the meaning of `this`. It doesn’t have to be this way. Once you learn the few simple rules that govern JavaScript scope, your code will become more precise and flexible. Let’s take a deep dive into […]



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