Jakob Mattsson

Jakob Mattsson



Jakob is an entrepreneur. His current company, which he co-founded as CTO, is his third startup. He is a developer at heart and started out building games using C++, but ended up building web based services and fell in love with JavaScript. Lately he has also become a huge fan of Node.js. When Jakob is involved, JavaScript is everywhere and great architecture is the top priority.


Promise to test it!

Properly testing a stateful system – like a typical web api – is hard. Doing it in JavaScript is even harder, because semantics easily drown in callback hell. Most folks out there are starting to use promises to solve it, or at least imagining so. Unfortunately very few developers have understood how to leverage this […]

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Automated CSS-testing with JavaScript – Not just a myth

You’re a developer. To you, “automation” is the most erotic word in the world. Removing manual overhead is one of the reasons you go up in the morning. You’re also a web developer. You want to create HTML and CSS that looks stunning, is responsive and works on all kinds of devices. You already have […]

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