Mark Boas

Mark Boas



Mark makes, writes about and promotes new and open web technologies. Co-founder of Happyworm - a small web agency and makers of the jPlayer media framework, he enjoys pushing the limits of the browser using HTML5 and JavaScript. Though a generalist at heart, Mark spends much of his time playing with web based media and real-time communications and is actively involved in helping news organisations world-wide as part of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews initiative. A lover of all things audio, his passion often drives his work and is currently enjoying the challenge of taking audio ‘somewhere new’ with Hyperaudio.


Further Adventures of Hyperaudio

When you transcribe media you open it up, when you give words timings something magical happens. Mark has been experimenting with Hyperaudio for years now, last year Hyperaudio received funding and the nonprofit Hyperaudio Inc was born! Mark will explain Hyperaudio, show examples and talk about his adventures with both clientside and serverside JavaScript in […]

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