Massimiliano Mantione

Massimiliano Mantione



Among other things, I have worked in the V8 team in Google for about one year and half. I have been a speaker at the 2013 jsday (one keynote and one talk). I am implementing a new programming language that compiles to Javascript:


Javascript, metaprogramming, and you

We all know that Javascript is powerful but it can be a really terrible language when misused. Moreover, it lacks several advanced features that are taken forgranted in other languages.One technique that is always overlooked is metaprogramming: hystorically only lisp dialects support it properly, and programmers regularly underestimate its power.In the spirit of Coffeescript, Typescript, Clojurescript and other similar projects […]

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Monads, Promises, and Reactive Metaprogramming

Prerequisites: having followed Federico Galassi’s or Sergi Mansilla’s talk (either is fine), or just having an idea on what rx.js does. Javascript programmers are often struggling with asynchronous control flows. It does not matter if the sources of time warping are AJAX requests, the nodejs event loop, or a simple flow of events from the DOM: the result regularly […]

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