Matteo Collina

Matteo Collina



"Matteo is a code pirate. He spends most of his days programming between Node.js, Ruby, Java and Objective-C. He is also pursuing a Ph.D. on the Internet of Things and the Real-Time Web. Recently, he became an active committer of the Nodebase community. He has spoken at several international conferences, such as and Distill by Engine Yard. He is co-author of the book ""Javascript: Best Practices"" edited by FAG, Milan. In the summer he loves sailing the _Sirocco_."


Taking your things to your web app using MQTT and Node.js

MQTT is a publish/subscribe protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). In this talk, we discuss what problems it solves, why the IoT need such a protocol, and the Node.js implementation! MQTT has been around for 20 years, but it is getting a lot of hype recently because it has almost no overhead, it is […]

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