Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton



I am an agile freelance developer who leads through example and by getting things done; I provide my services to a number of companies across Europe and India and have done for some time. A couple of years ago I took a break from full-time enterprise development and went travelling and working for free and when I got back started doing short term contracts around interesting pieces of work to help people


Frameworkless JavaScript with npm and browserify

I don’t tend to use frameworks, as a personal preference I like feature driven, organic code bases. This often leads to questions about structure and organisation. Come along to find out how simple life┬ácan be without frameworks, and what the world looks like when you’re not limited by the chains they bring.

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You have ruined JS

It’s time to have a conversation about JavaScript. You see, I think you’re ruining it. You with your frameworks and your layers of indirection and directives. You with your angulars and your embers and your backbones and your model view controllers. So we’re going to have this conversation and see if we can’t straighten a […]

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