Sebastiano Armeli

Sebastiano Armeli



Sebastiano Armeli is working as a software engineer at Spotify in New York. He has developed and designed applications using different programming languages — JavaScript, Java, Ruby — but is most passionate about JavaScript and web development. He is the author of 'MVC applies to JavaScript' (ebook) and a jQuery plug-in to lazy load images called JAIL. He enjoys speaking at conferences and writing technical articles. Sebastiano holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Milan.


ES6: the future is here

This talk will go through the evolution of JavaScript as a language, from the current version to what is coming up next: EcmaScript 6. This session aims to explore the new constructs introduced in ES6 and how the same concepts are used in other programming languages. The presentation will be quite hands-on with numerous examples […]

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