Sergi Mansilla

Sergi Mansilla



I am Sergi, and I am currently a Firefox OS contributor working for Telenor Digital. Before that, I worked at Cloud9 IDE making an online IDE entirely in Node.js and JavaScript, and before that he lead the team that implemented the webkit framework that runs the UIs in modern TomTom devices. I am a serial side-project creator, because ideas keep coming as I work on my main projects. Some of these projects are more successful than others, but you can see some of them in my Github page. I live in Amsterdam, where I organize the successful AmsterdamJS meetup and enjoy the wonderful Dutch weather.


The fourth dimension

In the spacetime model, the fourth dimension is time. In this talk I will show how to transform and manipulate events happening in different moments in time the same way that we transform Arrays or normal sequences, by using the power of Functional Reactive Programming. This will allow us to unite synchronous and asynchronous code […]

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